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April 2022 Calendar

The following is our skill-based activity calendar for the month of April. Activities are developmentally appropriate, research-based and aligned with state standards. We cover the following skill-based activities: Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, Creative Development, and Second Language.

Day 1


  • Circle Time Activity: Beehive Rhyme
  • Language/Literacy: Who Lives in the Bee Nest?
  • Math and Reasoning: Hexagon Designs
  • Creative Arts: Beehive Stamping
  • Music and Movement: Bee Home
  • Day 2


  • Circle Time Activity: Helping with Hexagons
  • Language/Literacy: Busy Bees
  • Math and Reasoning: Fill the Honeycomb
  • Creative Arts: How Many Bees in the Hive?
  • Music and Movement: Sweet Honey
  • Day 3


  • Circle Time Activity: Name Your Baby Bee
  • Language/Literacy: My Little Bee Journal
  • Math and Reasoning: Counting Bee Eggs
  • Creative Arts: Queen Bee Headband
  • Music and Movement: Follow the Queen
  • Day 4


  • Circle Time Activity: A Strong Hive
  • Language/Literacy: Little Letter Book: Kk
  • Math and Reasoning: Bee Hunt
  • Creative Arts: Drones in the Comb
  • Music and Movement: Working Bees
  • Day 5


  • Circle Time Activity: Protecting the Hive
  • Language/Literacy: Safe Homes
  • Math and Reasoning: Bee Careful
  • Creative Arts: Bee Puppet
  • Music and Movement: Safe Bees
  • Day 6

    Honey Bee

  • Circle Time Activity: Beekeepers
  • Language/Literacy: Wax Letters
  • Math and Reasoning: Pollinate the Flowers
  • Creative Arts: Nectar Painting
  • Music and Movement: Sticky Honey
  • Day 7

    Bumble Bee

  • Circle Time Activity: Baby Bumble Bee
  • Language/Literacy: Bees
  • Math and Reasoning: Stinging Insects Matching Game
  • Creative Arts: Little Letter Book: Mm
  • Music and Movement: Shaking Bee Parts
  • Day 8

    Carpenter Bee

  • Circle Time Activity: Building a Tunnel
  • Language/Literacy: Wooden Letters
  • Math and Reasoning: Egg in a Hole
  • Creative Arts: Bee Puzzle
  • Music and Movement: Dancing Workers
  • Day 9

    Yellow Jacket

  • Circle Time Activity: Yellow Jackets Like to Sting
  • Language/Literacy: Special Bees
  • Math and Reasoning: Who Stole the Honey?
  • Creative Arts: Yellow Jacket
  • Music and Movement: Bee Rhythms
  • Day 10


  • Circle Time Activity: Building a Nest
  • Language/Literacy: Stinging Words
  • Math and Reasoning: Counting Hornets
  • Creative Arts: Listen & Draw
  • Music and Movement: Wasp Attack
  • Day 11


  • Circle Time Activity: Community of Eggs
  • Language/Literacy: Open Your Egg
  • Math and Reasoning: Hidden Eggs
  • Creative Arts: Eggs on a Leaf
  • Music and Movement: Life Cycle Dance
  • Day 12


  • Circle Time Activity: Move Like a Caterpillar
  • Language/Literacy: Eating Through Letters
  • Math and Reasoning: Longest Caterpillar
  • Creative Arts: Caterpillar Sculpture
  • Music and Movement: Munching Machine
  • Day 13


  • Circle Time Activity: Wrapping Friends
  • Language/Literacy: Drawing the Life Cycle
  • Math and Reasoning: Life Cycle Patterns
  • Creative Arts: Little Letter Book: Xx
  • Music and Movement: Changed
  • Day 14


  • Circle Time Activity: Community Butterfly
  • Language/Literacy: Fly to Letters
  • Math and Reasoning: Butterfly Symmetry
  • Creative Arts: Life Cycle Plate
  • Music and Movement: Mirror Changes
  • Day 15


  • Circle Time Activity: Proboscis Challenge
  • Language/Literacy: Moth Landing
  • Math and Reasoning: Puzzles in Nature
  • Creative Arts: Moth Hole Challenge
  • Music and Movement: Math Food
  • Day 16


  • Circle Time Activity: Moving Like Monarchs
  • Language/Literacy: Sunny Letters
  • Math and Reasoning: Butterfly Moth
  • Creative Arts: Migrating Butterfly
  • Music and Movement: Butterfly Wings
  • Day 17


  • Circle Time Activity: Hiding Swallowtails
  • Language/Literacy: Would You Rather?
  • Math and Reasoning: Scary Eyes
  • Creative Arts: Butterfly Collage
  • Music and Movement: Butterfly Stages
  • Day 18

    Blue Morpho

  • Circle Time Activity: A Blue Morpho
  • Language/Literacy: Letters in the Rainforest
  • Math and Reasoning: Pollinator Bingo
  • Creative Arts: Butterfly Postcard
  • Music and Movement: Dancing Nectar
  • Day 19

    Peacock Butterfly

  • Circle Time Activity: Be Brave
  • Language/Literacy: Butterfly Words
  • Math and Reasoning: Butterfly Hunt
  • Creative Arts: Butterfly
  • Music and Movement: Swinging Wings
  • Day 20

    Butterfly House

  • Circle Time Activity: Butterfly House Tickets
  • Language/Literacy: Save the Butterflies
  • Math and Reasoning: Be a Butterfly
  • Creative Arts: My Portfolio
  • Music and Movement: Butterfly Duet

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