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Cleaning Routine

First and foremost, the number one way my staff and I can reduce the spread of germs is frequently and properly washing our hands as well as the children's hands. In fact, hand washing is so important that the NYS regulations identify specific times that big and little hands need to be washed.

Another way germs can be transmitted is through intestinal secretions associated with toileting. The changing area and bathrooms are places where germs are likely to live and spread. By following (and helping children follow) hygienic routines during diapering and toileting, I can reduce the spread of these germs.

My home must be a clean and healthy environment for children. The rooms I use for day care and the equipment and furniture children use should be cleaned and free of dampness, odors, trash, and pests. Following regular cleaning and sanitizing (disinfecting) routines will also help me reduce the spread of germs and help keep children healthy.

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