The Nurturing Nest Academy
~ Christian Child Care & Preschool ~
December 2022

December's Theme - Winter in the Woods

Week 1 - Forest Animals
Children are highly motivated when learning about animals. They are a popular topic which can provoke engaging discussions between teachers and children. Through these interactions, children are able to share their prior knowledge while building new knowledge, concepts and vocabulary. For example, children may have some prior knowledge about bears but will gain more knowledge through meaningful experiences in the classroom. Teachers play an important role in creating these engaging experiences for children and making sure they have a variety of opportunities to learn about a topic. As children learn about animals, they begin to gain a respect for living creatures in the wild. They also build upon their life science skills by understanding how animals how animals eat, grow and protect themselves.

Letter: Bb. Phonic Words: bear, bell, bird. Basic Concepts: green, square, honest.


Week 2 - Woodlands
The outdoors provides endless experiences for children to discover, learn and play. All these experiences help children explore their senses. Children use their senses to feel, listen, smell, see and taste what nature has to offer. Depending on where you live, if may be difficult to experience all parts of nature. Teachers can create experiences for children by bringing nature indoors. For example, if snow is non-existent in your climate, children can explore ice or other cold items. By providing an array of sensory-focused experiences, children become curious beings. This allows them to find meaning in their learning and make real world connections. It is important for teachers to provide this type of guidance and structure to engage in rich scientific inquiry.

Letter: Pp. Phonic Words: pig, penguin, piano.

Pine Tree

Week 3 - Winter Gear
Children are able to jump into a different reality when they are engaged in imaginary play. This type of play is important for building essential language, social/emotional and cognitive skills. Dramatic play areas are wonderful ways to help children pretend and practice role-play. For example, if you do not live in a snowy climate, the dramatic play area can help children better understand what that would look like. Through props, clothing and other winter gear, children are able to experience winter wherever they live. During this play, children are able to use expressive language and try out new vocabulary words with their peers. This can be a welcoming place for children who are shy or withdrawn.

Letter: Oo. Phonic Words: owl, orange, octopus.

Hat & Scarf

Week 4 - Winter Living
Children thrive by being given a variety of experiences to explore and learn new concepts. It is important for teachers to utilize all the space inside and out to provide children with diverse experiences. With a range of experiences, children are more likely to be able to think about connections among them, question their ideas and develop new ones. For example, building structures such as a log cabin may happen in the block area, on table tops or in the sandbox. Teachers play a role by setting up activities in new and interesting ways such as laying a quilt outside with some books. These simple gestures help children understand that there is not just one way to explore an area. Through this process, children can begin to practice being flexible when things are different or have changed from the normal routine.

Letter Review: Bb, Pp, Oo. Phonic Words Review: bear, bell, bird, pig, penguin, piano, owl, orange, octopus. Basic Concepts Review: green, rectangle, honest.

Log Cabin

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