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Dramatic Play

We do a lot of "make-believe" and "let's pretend" during the day. This is because dramatic play helps children learn to think, to express their ideas, and to become successful learners. The children love to use their imaginations, and I encourage them to do this. I have a bin with dress-up clothes for both boys and girls - with hats, clothes, and shoes. There's an assortment of play dishes and pots so the children can "cook" and enough baby dolls to bathe and rock to sleep.

Children often play "house" because this is what they know best. But they also play "ice-cream truck driver" when they are outside with the tricycles and "car racers" with the blocks and miniature cars. They like to play pretend about the places they have visited.

Because make-believe play is so important, I encourage even the youngest babies to play games such as peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake. Sometimes I ask the older children to stage plays and puppet shows for the younger ones so that all the children can have a chance to use their imaginations.


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