The Nurturing Nest
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February 2021

February's Theme - Global Passport

Week 1 - Travel Tools
When we travel, certain items are needed, such as an airplane ticket or foreign currency. Children can learn about what people need in order to travel and begin to imagine their own adventures. Some children may have many travel experiences or very few. It is important to give them opportunities to pretend and explore places they may want to travel to.

Letter: Gg - Phonic Words: globe, grapes - Basic Concepts: heart, red, brave

Airplane & Boat
Map & Globe

Week 2 - World Market
Children may visit their local market or store but never be exposed to what other markets look like. It is important for children to explore a variety of market items from around the world. This can create opportunities for children to learn about items that they might not see in their own community. By learning about items sold in different world markets, children build vocabulary and also learn about other cultures. These hands-on activities can help children understand and respect cultures that are different from their own.

Letter: Kk - Phonic Words: kite, kangaroo


Week 3 - Natural Wonders
Travel has many benefits for children, but some children may not be able to experience places outside of their own communities. Children may not have known that natural wonders, such as Ayers Rock or Victoria Falls, exist. By exploring these special places, children can begin to make sense of the outside world. These experiences can help build their vocabulary and spark interest in places around the world.

Letter: Qq - Phonic Words: quilt, queen

Grand Canyon
Ayers Rock
Victoria Falls
Giant Sequoias

Week 4 - Man-made Wonders
Man-made wonders are special places to visit and explore. These wonders were built by people joining together and enduring hard work. It is important for children to be given opportunities to learn about these famous structures, from the Great Wall of China built with bricks, tile, and stone to the multi-leveled steps and buildings built by the Incas.

Letter Review: Gg, Kk, Qq - Phonic Words Review: globe, grapes, kits, kangaroo, queen, quilt - Basic Concepts Review: red, heart, brave

The Great Pyramids
Machu Picchu
Saint Basil's Cathedral
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Great Wall of China

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