The Nurturing Nest Academy
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February 2022

February's Theme - Health & Fitness

Week 1 - Food Groups
As children grow they need nutritious food to keep their bodies fit and healthy. This can be a challenging task due to picky eaters, busy schedules, and multiple caretakers. However, by approaching food with a positive attitude and sense of curiosity, we can raise happy, healthy eaters. The Healthy Plate Game can help visually show children the different types of food. Teaching children how to make healthy food choices is the foundation to lifelong habits of health and wellness. Teachers can help by exposing children to a wide variety of foods, cooking together, and telling stories about where food is grown and how it comes to our table.

Letter: Aa - Phonic Words: apple, airplane, alligator - Basic Concepts: purple, heart, fair


Week 2 - In the Kitchen
Preparing and cooking food is not just for adults: children can also be wonderful helpers. The kitchen is a perfect place for children to practice a variety of skills such as math, science, fine motor, language and cooperation. Cooking allows children see how math has a practical application by participating in measuring, sequencing, chopping shapes, and mixing. With supervision, young children are able to follow multiple directions and steps. Through these hands-on experiences, children apply creativity and critical thinking to achieve the sensory rewards of completing tasks. Cooking with children is also a great way to talk about healthy food choices and the importance of sharing meals as a family.

Letter: Gg - Phonic Words: grapes, gorilla, goat

Cleaning & Safety
Measure & Pour
Chop & Stir
Bake & Cook
Set & Serve

Week 3 - Fitness
Children love to move and be active. From an infant lifting up their head to a 4-year old kicking a ball, fundamental motor skills are essential for a child's overall growth and development. When children are engaged in active play they are moving and controlling their muscles; this is key for a healthy growing body. Movement not only improves physical development but also enhances social and emotional skills. During interactive games, children are engaging socially with others and communicating their ideas. Through these encounters, children learn how to problem-solve with others and begin to build positive relationships with adults and their peers.

Letter: Qq - Phonic Words: queen, quilt, quarter

Race & Run
Throw & Catch

Week 4 - Health
Children take part in their own health and wellness by understanding that their bodies need nutritious food, active play, and rest. Adults play an important role in modeling healthy routines and habits for children. Together, we can celebrate and discover why eating daily fruits and vegetables, brushing teeth, washing hands, exercising our muscles, and sleeping are important to grow up strong and healthy.

Letter Review: Aa, Gg, & Qq - Phonic Words Review: apple, airplane, alligator, grapes, gorilla, goat, queen, quilt, quarter - Basic Concepts Review: purple, heart, fair

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