The Nurturing Nest Academy
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January 2022

January's Theme - Going on a Safari

Week 1 - Getting Ready for Safari
Preparing for an African Safari is not something everyone will experience in their lifetime. But whether or not they go on faraway trips, it is important for children to learn how to prepare for travel and transitions in daily life. For example, we can help children become more independent and organized by practicing routines throughout the day. These routines may include brushing their teeth in the morning, taking their backpack to school, and finding their nametag when they arrive. This will give children the feeling of responsibility and a sense of pride at a young age. By gaining these organizational skills early on, children can continue to apply them in different aspects of their lives.

Letter: Ss. Phonic Words: sock, sun, snake. Basic Concepts: orange, oval, resourceful.

Packing Up
Game Reserve
Safari Vehicles
Safari Safety

Week 2 - Wild Safari Animals
Children are naturally drawn to animals. Whether domesticated pets, farm animals, or wildlife, children are motivated and excited to learn about how animals look, sound, move and live. It's important for teachers to give children multiple opportunities to explore and learn about different types of animals. These experiences can help broaden their knowledge and interests. Even through children probably won't be able to explore a real African safari, it is important to learn about and explore the animals that are not commonly seen in your area. Through these experiences, children can begin to appreciate the natural world. By providing books, songs, and hands-on activities, teachers can help children care about wildlife even if they cannot see it in their own backyard.

Letter: Rr. Phonic Words: rhinoceros, rock, racoon.


Week 3 - Life in the Grasslands
During their early years, children become aware of their surroundings. They start noticing the differences and similarities of their peers and things around them. This is an important time for parents and teachers to help children attain a positive attitude and perspective of themselves and of different cultures. Teachers can help by talking to children about differences and similarities we share with others in this world. Through these experiences, children can feel proud of who they are and appreciate diversity in themselves and others. As a result, children learn compassion and empathy, which are valuable character traits as a young person and as they get older.

Letter: Cc. Phonic Words: cat, corn, carrot.


Week 4 - Backyard Safari
Exploring nature during the early years helps strengthen all areas of child development. When children explore the outdoors they are building essential skills such as communication, critical thinking and cooperation. It is important for children to explore their physical environment and understand what is in their own backyard. When given multiple opportunities to explore, children can develop a positive attitude about their natural environment and begin to understand the connections within healthy ecosystems. These experiences are significant because they help guide children to care for and respect their physical surroundings.

Letter Review: Ss, Rr, Cc. Phonic Words Review: sock, sun, snake, rhinoceros, rock, raccoon, cat, corn, carrot. Basic Concepts Review: orange, oval, resourceful.


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