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June's Theme - Treasure Island

Week 1 - Setting Sail
When introducing the Treasure Island monthly experiences, children begin to think about what they already know. They may already have ideas about what types of things belong on an island and what types of things do not. This helps them begin to categorize things into groups. Categorizing allows children to make sense of the world around them. As they practice this skill, they are able to make connections, draw logical conclusions and make predictions. Teachers can help children categorize by reading books and discussing the objects they see, such as boats or a treasure map. They can prompt children with questions such as, "What might you find on an island?" or "Where would you sail a ship?" Teachers can also utilize dramatic play to help children become more immersed in the theme of Treasure Island and introduce new vocabulary.   

Letter: A-Z. Phonic Words: Review. Basic Concepts: Review.


Week 2 - At the Beach
The Treasure Island thematic experience is a great way to introduce fantasy play into your classroom. Teachers can help facilitate this type of play by setting up the dramatic play area for children to explore. Through this process, children choose props and assign roles then work through any problems that arise. This is important because dramatic play reinforces conflict resolution skills, which offers children a chance to work through their differences. For example, children may have a conflict over who will be captain of the ship. Teachers can help by giving suggestions such as turn-taking or different roles to play. During these play scenarios, children learn new vocabulary and communicate their wants and needs to their peers.

Sand Castle

Week 3 - Exploring the Island
Children learn through exploring their environments. They learn best when they are interacting with other people and exploring objects in their surroundings. While learning with the Treasure Island monthly activities, children can build onto their imaginary skills and explore their environment (indoors and outdoors) in new ways. For example, children can explore pretend caves, follow treasure maps or construct waterfalls. Teachers play an important role by carefully planning and setting up these experiences for children. During these experiences, children can discover how to use their own creative ideas and put them into practice. 

Treasure Map
Coconut Tree

Week 4 - Island Fun
During Treasure Island month, children learn about cultures, celebrations and traditions that may be different from their own. This is important because cultural awareness and tradition play important roles in helping young children foster a positive sense of identity and self-esteem. As children learn about different foods, music and dancing, they can begin to develop an appreciation for how people live. As children learn about different cultures and traditions, they can begin to 
reflect on their own. Preschoolers are naturally very interested in their similarities to and differences from others. Teachers can help by speaking with children openly about other cultures' differences and similarities. This creates children with well-rounded cultural values that are more likely to be inclusive to all people as they grow older.


Island Dancing
Island Music

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