The Nurturing Nest
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May 2022

May's Theme - Bubbles, Boats, & Floats

Week 1 - Down the River
Earth is essentially made up of plants, animals, land, and water. As young learners explore life and earth science concepts, it is important to investigate and understand how all of these components are connected to and benefit from each other. When children begin to understand their environment, they can practice caring for and appreciating the living things that surround them. As a teacher, I can play a role by reading stories about what kinds of things live in a specific environment or taking a walk with my students and noticing the sights and sounds of nature. Through real experiences children begin to think outside their immediate surroundings and become curious about the bigger world.

Letter: Vv. Phonic Words: violin, volcano, vacuum. Basic Concepts: brown, diamond, responsible.


Week 2 - On the Lake
Lakes are home to may plants and animals and a means for transportation and food. Even if bodies of water are not available to explore in your own environment, there are many ways to help a child develop a love of and appreciation for water. Young children love water play and using their senses to learn. As a teacher, I can set up activities for my students that focus on water such as sink or float activities, fishing with magnets, and writing with watercolors. Creating play-based activities that are interesting to a child can help further their curiosity and excitement in learning more about water.

Letter: Yy. Phonic Words: yam, yak, yo-yo.


Week 3 - Soapy Water
Water is used for many purposes in our daily life. Soap and bubbles help us clean our body, toys, clothes and dishes so that we stay healthy and tidy. These sensory-rich activities encourage children to participate in daily routines while experimenting with the science of water and soap. Just by blowing a bubble, watching it float, then popping it, children explore cause and effect. We use water for many purposes including washing and cleaning. As children role-play daily washing activities they build positive habits as well as expand vocabulary and social skills.

Letter: Vv, Yy. Phonic Words: violin, volcano, vacuum, yam, yak, yo-yo.

Bath Time
Washing Dishes
Car Wash

Week 4 - Wonderful Water
Clean, fresh water is a valuable resource and basic need for all living things. Simple routines and games help children learn about the importance of water and how they can conserve it. Take time to explore where water come from near you. Do you live near rivers or lakes, in a desert or in the mountains? Investigate pipes, faucets and how water moves. As a teacher, I can take walks with my students and identify plants and animals that need water. There are many benefits for us to drink clean water as well. These include: kidney and brain health, helping us digest our food and keeping our joints lubricated.

Letter Review: Vv, Yy. Phonic Words Review: violin, volcano, vacuum, yam, yak, yo-yo. Basic Concepts Review: brown, diamond, responsible.

Water Cycle
States of Water
Drinking Water
Water Conservation

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