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Music & Movement

We do a lot of singing and dancing in our program. Music during the day gives us all a lift. Sometimes the children start to sing on their own; at other times I plan a special music activity. Singing and moving to music gives the children a chance to move freely, practice new skills, and feel good about what their bodies can do.

Sometimes we play with musical instruments. Over the years I have purchased many instruments so the children can use a variety of different ones including drums, cymbals, rattles, bells, triangles, xylophones, recorders, etc. We have quite an impressive orchestra!

Singing and learning new songs is a good way to help children learn new words and language skills. We have a special time every day for singing together or doing finger plays. The younger children sing along or listen; they also like playing with toys that make music, such as chime bells and toy radios. The older children help teach the younger ones the words to songs.

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