The Nurturing Nest Academy
~ Christian Child Care & Preschool ~
November 2022

November's Theme - Community Helpers

Week 1 - Health & Safety
Community helpers are essential for a strong and thriving community. They are professionals who help improve a community's overall health and well-being. It is important for children to create a positive attitude toward the people who help their community. This can be achieved by simply acknowledging who the community helpers are and how they help. Children can interact with these helpers by exploring their own neighborhoods and talking to them directly. Through these interactions and exposures, children can begin to find a sense of comfort rather than fear. Teachers play an important role by helping children understand who can help them, especially during an emergency. It is beneficial for children to learn at a young age what to do when there is an emergency such as a fire or if they become lost.

Letter: Dd. Phonic Words: duck, dog, drum. Basic Concepts: yellow, triangle, resourceful.

Police Officer
Bus Driver

Week 2 - In The Neighborhood
Community helpers remind us of how interconnected our lives are within a community. As children develop, it's important that they learn about who lives in their own community and how those people affect their daily lives. This is important because it allows children to understand how the world works. For example, mail does not magically arrive in a mailbox; it is the job of a mail carrier to deliver it. By identifying what community helpers do and how they help, children can understand that everyone plays an important role in a community. Building a sense of social responsibility can begin at an early age. Children begin to discover that it is important to work together as citizens to improve and maintain where they live. Through these experiences, children build a sense of self-worth and belonging.

Letter: Jj. Phonic Words: jar, jaguar, jellyfish.

Mail Carrier
Construction Worker

Week 3 - Downtown
Children learn by using their imaginations, playing and pretending. These interactions help them empathize with someone or something different. When learning about community helpers, children practice playing community helper roles, such as dentist or banker. Teachers can help by providing clothes, props and other materials to help create a scene for children to explore. The process of pretending helps build a child's overall development in all areas such as communication, social/emotional and problem-solving. While pretending together in an agreed-upon topic, children practice negotiating roles and cooperative play with their peers.

Letter: Uu. Phonic Words: unicycle, umbrella, underwear.

Factory Worker

Week 4 - Creative Careers
Community helpers are not limited to just doctors and police officers; there are many jobs in the community that help in different ways. It is important for children to see a spectrum of jobs people do and how they help the community. Community helpers having more of a creative or artistic focus are important for children to acknowledge. Children can explore these community helpers by seeing a play or musical or meeting a local author at their library. Children can discover at an early age that there is a variety of important people who help shape their community.

Letter Review: Dd, Jj, Uu. Phonic Words Review: duck, drum, dog, jar, jaguar, jellyfish, umbrella, unicycle, underwear. Basic Concepts Review: yellow, triangle, resourceful.


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