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October 2022

October's Theme - Down on the Farm

Week 1 - Farm Animals
Learning about farms is a wonderful way to get children excited about animals, nature, food and tools. Depending on where you live, it might be difficult to visit a real farm. However there are many ways to bring farm life to the classroom. Exploring farm animals can help children with identifying the names of specific animals and also make connections between adult and baby animals, such as a sheep and a lamb. Children can begin to understand that, just like us, animals are living things that need food, shelter, water and care. Teachers can help make these connections by role-playing with children and reading farm animal stories. Children also learn about how animals are helpful and give us important resources such as milk, meat, fur and transportation.

Letter: Ll. Phonic Words: leaf, lion, lemon. Basic Concepts: blue, square, patient.


Week 2 - In the Barn
No matter where you live, children can discover the sights, smells, sounds, tastes and feel of a farm. Children can better understand farm life by exploring through their senses. For example, children can build a barn with blocks, feel the textures of grains and hay, try tasting different fruits and vegetables and experiment with gardening tools. These are all ways teachers can help children be immersed in farm life without being on an actual farm. Through this process, children are able to build their problem-solving skills. This is practiced by experimenting with different tools and materials then sharing their discoveries. These sensory opportunities are beneficial for children because they strengthen core logic skills such as curiosity, planning and experimenting.

Letter: Ii. Phonic Words: ice, iguana, insect.

Hay & Straw

Week 3 - Farm Food
Through their daily routines, children interact with food everyday. At a young age, children may think of food and eating only as something they desire throughout the day. As children get older, they can begin to learn more about their food and why it is important. When learning about farm food, children can have a deeper understanding of food and where it comes from. Teachers can help children understand food sources at higher levels by offering meaningful experiences such as planting real seeds and watching them grow or giving children real produce to explore. Children can also learn early on about nutrition, healthy choices and kitchen safety, which is crucial to continued healthy habits.

Letter: Ee. Phonic Words: egg, elephant eggplant.


Week 4 - Farming
The topic of farming is significant because it can help children understand the concept of agriculture generally. Agriculture is the science of raising livestock, growing crops and cultivating land. It might seem like these concepts are too advanced for children. However learning about agriculture in simple terms can help children build a variety of skills. Children can begin to learn about how a farmer cares for animals, land and food resources. They can pretend to be farmers by being responsible for jobs in the classroom. For example, children may pretend to gather eggs from a chicken coop or pull weeds from the dirt outside. Through these interesting, hands-on experiences, teachers can help ignite passion for farming in children.

Letter Review: Li, Ii, Ee. Phonic Words Review: ice, iguana, insect, leaf, lion, lemon, egg, elephant, eggplant. Basic Concepts Review: blue, square, patient.

Planting Seeds
Farmer's Market

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