The Nurturing Nest
Family Child Care and Preschool
Provider Policies

The following policies will begin on September 6, 2021 and
end on June 24, 2022 (unless terminated earlier).

  1. Philosophy

    I believe that children should be allowed to grow at their own pace and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves as learners. I have two goals:
    • to help children learn about themselves and the world around them; and
    • to encourage children to feel good about themselves as learners.

    These goals guide everything I do in my program. Children at The Nurturing Nest are given the opportunity to explore, experiment, and create in a safe and nurturing environment.

  2. Non-Discrimination

    The Nurturing Nest does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, or national origin.

  3. Hours of Operation

    The Nurturing Nest will generally operate between the hours of 7:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

  4. Holidays and Vacations

    • The following are paid holidays for the school year:
      • Mon, Sept 6 - Labor Day
      • Mon, Oct 11 - Columbus Day
      • Thurs, Nov 11 - Veterans Day
      • Wed, Nov 24 - Fri, Nov 26 - Thanksgiving
      • Fri, Dec 24 - Christmas Eve
      • Mon, Jan 17 - Martin Luther King Day
      • Fri, May 27 & Mon, May 30 - Memorial Day
      • Mon, June 20 - Juneteenth Day

    • The following are non-paid holidays for the school year:
      • Thurs, Dec 27 - Fri, Dec 31 - Christmas Break
      • Mon, Feb 21 - Fri, Feb 25 - Winter Break
      • Mon, April 11 - Fri, April 15 - Spring Break
      • June 27 - August 31 - Summer Break
      • The Nurturing Nest will remain open if there is a 1-hour delay, 2-hour delay, or school closure.

      5. Admissions and Enrollment

      The following forms are required and need to be completed prior to the child's first day:

      • Parent and Provider Contract
      • Parent and Provider Policies
      • Child Release Form
      • Medical Emergency Consent

      6. Basic Rates

      The payment fee shall be as follows:
      * For families with more than one child enrolled, there will be a 15% discount on the oldest child's fee.

      Age of Child Weekly Fee
      Infant (6 weeks - 18 months) $190
      Toddler (19 months - 2 years) $185
      Preschool (3 years - 5 years) $180
      School-Age (6 years - 12 years) $75 (after school)
      * Rates subject to change September 2022.

      7. Payments

      • Payment shall be due on Friday by 4:30pm for the current week. Payments will be processed over the weekend and parents will receive a receipt on Monday.
      • Parents will place payments in a sealed envelope with their child's name on it.
      • If payment is not received by Friday at 4:30pm then a late fee of $15.00 per day will be charged.
      • If payment is not received by Monday morning, then the provider will give the parent a termination notice unless accepted payment arrangements have been made.
      • Payments will be made in the form of check or cash.
      • If you paid your fee by check and it has been returned, then a bounced check fee of $40.00 will be charged. All subsequent payments will be made in the form of cash.

      8. Overtime Rates

      • If the parent arrives later than 4:30pm, the following rate will be charged: $10.00 per every 10 minutes of overtime.

      9. Other Fees

      • Should it become necessary to go to court over non-payment of fees owed, court and attorney fees will be added to your bill.
      • There will be an extra charge for the following infant supplies when not provided by the parent: disposable diapers, baby food, and formula. (All costs will be based on current store prices).

      10. Written Notice

      • Either parent or provider may terminate the contract by giving two weeks written notice in advance of the ending date. Payment by parent is due for the notice period whether or not the child is brought to the provider for care.
      • The provider may terminate the contract without giving any notice if the parent does not make payments when due.
      • By signing the contract, parents agree to abide by the written policies of the provider. The provider may amend the policies by giving the parents a copy of the new or changed contract at least two weeks before they go into effect.

      11. Program Policies

      • The provider's program is varied in order to promote the educational, social, cultural, emotional, and recreational development appropriate to the ages and developmental levels of all the children.
      • The program will provide for experiences that are designed to influence a positive concept of self, recognizing that a child is a member of a family.
      • Each child will be provided with a sufficient quantity and variety of materials and play equipment appropriate to the age of the child and developmental level and interest. Such materials and play equipment may include: books, paints, crayons, safety scissors, paper, blocks, puzzles, toys, games, balls, and riding toys.
      • Daily supervised outdoor play is required for all children in care, except during inclement weather or unless otherwise ordered by a physician.
      • Appropriate rest and quiet periods will be provided in accordance with individual and group needs, when a child can sit quietly or lie down to rest. For children unable to sleep, time and space will be provided for quiet play. Each child will be provided with his/her own porta-crib or nap mat depending on age.
      • To ensure optimal health and welfare of the child, the parents will be given the opportunity to discuss issues related to their children and care of their children with the provider. Such opportunities will occur at the time the child enters care and at least once every six months thereafter.

      12. Behavior Management and Discipline Policy

      Discipline provides an opportunity to enable a child to develop self-control. When a child is having a difficult time following directions or treating others or property with respect, developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used. These techniques are as follows:

      • Providing an example for children by speaking and interacting with them in a positive manner.
      • Rewarding acceptable behavior.
      • Redirecting a child to an alternate activity.
      • Brief separation from the group. (This technique will only be used when a child's behavior harms or is likely to result in harm to the child, others, or property.)

      In accordance with the New York State Social Services Law, I must report any suspected incidents of child abuse or maltreatment concerning a child in my care to the State Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment.

      13. Safety Precautions

      The Nurturing Nest will conduct monthly fire drills during the hours of operation and a written plan for the emergency evacuation of children from the premises will be posted near the Parent Information Board.

      14. Meals and Snacks

      • Since food and nutrition are important components of a child's development, The Nurturing Nest emphasizes fresh and natural foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade soups, whole grain breads, etc.
      • The provider will provide a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.
      • Parents will supply all formula and baby food for infants until the child is 12 months old or can safely eat the regularly scheduled meals.
      • If a child has a particular dietary need, substantiated by a medical evaluation, the provider must be informed and given a doctor's note. In this case, substitute meals or snacks may be brought from home.
      • The provider will post a menu every Monday on the Parent Information Board including special days like holidays and birthdays.

      15. Illness Policy

      The parents agree to notify the provider of a child's illness or suspected illness and to make alternate arrangements for care if the child shows any of the symptoms listed on the Exclusion Criteria Form found in your Parent Folder.

      The provider will notify the parent if the child shows any symptoms while in care and the parent will pick up the child when requested by the provider.

      16. Medical Emergencies

      In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, the provider will call 911 and then the parents. If the parents cannot be reached, the provider will call the persons listed on the Child Release form.

      17. Medications

      • According to the New York State Regulations, the provider may not administer medications - both prescription and over-the-counter.
      • Topical ointments may be applied as needed including diaper rash cream, sun screen, and insect repellent upon written parental instructions.

      18. Children's Supplies

      Parents are required to supply the following items, which are necessary for the proper care of your child:

      • Backpack/Diaper bag with one or two sets of clothing.
      • Appropriate outside wear (boots, gloves, hat, etc.)
      • A blanket that will be washed by the provider every weekend.
      • Diapers or Pull-ups
      • Topical Ointments (if needed)

      19. Summation

      All children enrolled into my care are treated with love and respect and provided with the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities. My most fundamental objective is to provide for your child a safe, clean, and loving atmosphere, in which each child will feel he/she is loved, valued, and wanted.

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