The Nurturing Nest
Family Child Care and Preschool
September 2018

September's Theme - Friends & Feelings

Week 1 - Making Friends
Making friends is an essential skill to practice early in life. Building friendships helps children feel a sense of belonging and self-confidence. Children develop these social skills by engaging with peers and learning from their experiences. Through this process, they learn how to accept others' ideas, solve conflicts, join group activities, and appropriately communicate. Friendships help children develop their own identity as they learn how to express themselves and show curiosity. These foundational social skills will mature throughout their lives.

Week 2 - Five Senses
Identifying and understanding feelings is a critical part of a child's overall development. Learning to identify and express emotions in a positive and healthy way helps children build strong social and emotional skills. As a result, children will be better prepared to resolve conflicts and navigate the world around them. Like adults, children experience a range of emotions. It may be difficult for some children to express their emotions appropriately without the help of an adult. With time and practice, children will identify specific feelings, such as anger or sadness, and learn how to cope with their emotions. We as teachers can help facilitate social interactions by modeling appropriate words and listening techniques to the child when he is communicating his feelings.

Week 3 - Clothing
Young children are novices when it comes to problem-solving and cooperation. Some children need help with sharing materials while others may need practice expressing their ideas to others. These important social skills can be learned by focusing on how to share, care for others, apologize, include others in a game, and play cooperatively. As teachers, we can plan activities that encourage children to work together. By setting group goals, such as building a block tower, children are able to interact with their peers, express their thoughts, and try out new ideas.

Week 4 - Staying Healthy
Children learn to communicate in a variety of ways, from simply waving to a friend to using a phone to talk to a family member. It is important to give children multiple opportunities to express themselves and interact with friends. Teachers and caregivers have an important role to play in improving communication skills by asking children engaging questions and responding with positivity. We can also model positive nonverbal communication with our children. This is accomplished by giving children our full attention when they are speaking and also using kind gestures, such as a high five or a smile.

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