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September's Theme - All About Me


Week 1 - Body Parts
As young children learn to identify body parts and the many ways to use them, they will experience cognitive, physical and language-enriching processes. Young children learn through sensory discovery, which happens by moving through and experiencing the world. As a child moves, they become more and more aware of the things they can do, see and explore. Our bodies are our tool kits for discovery. As young children build an appreciation for their bodies, they gain confidence, which motivates them to take learning risks. Nurturing children's understanding of the self encourages them to grow up with a desire to keep their bodies strong, healthy and safe.   

Letter: Bb. Phonic Words: ball bird, bell. Basic Concepts: circle, brown, kind.

All About Me
Hands & Feet

Week 2 - Five Senses
Children process and retain information when they actively engage in multiple senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Discovering through sight can help build skills such as literacy, patterning and observation of the world around them. Discovering through hearing allows children to begin to distinguish different sounds and also helps strengthen their listening skills. When children explore their senses of taste and smell, they understand their own preferences and explore new ones. Discovering through touch allows children to investigate new textures and practice using their hands gently with others. Not only do our five senses help children make connections, they are also fun!

Letter: Aa. Phonic Words: apple, alligator, airplane.


Week 3 - Clothing
The simple investigation of clothing invites children to build confidence with self-help skills, from independently choosing what to wear to putting on and taking off coats, shoes and shirts. Additionally, they child works on fine motor skills while manipulating buttons and shoelaces. They will discover that clothing has many different purposes, like keeping use warm or protecting our fragile body parts. Learning about clothing also opens the door to exploring cultural preferences and traditions. Throughout this week-long investigation of clothing, children will build their vocabulary, strengthen motor skills and explore how they use clothing in their everyday routines. 

Letter: Hh. Phonic Words: hat, hippopotamus, hand.

Shoes & Socks

Week 4 - Staying Healthy
When children learn how to keep their bodies healthy, they gain confidence and self-help skills. They will learn healthy routines at school and at home, such as washing hands, brushing teeth and exercising. When children explore different forms of exercise, they can discover what activities they enjoy.

Letters: Bb, Aa, Hh. Phonic Words: ball, bird, bell, apple, alligator, airplane, hat, hippopotamus, hand.

Washing Hands
Protecting Our Bodies
Brushing Teeth

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