The Nurturing Nest Academy
~ Christian Child Care & Preschool ~
September 2022

September's Theme - Family and Pets

Week 1 - My Family
Families are unique and come in many forms. At an early age, it is important for children to discuss not only their own family, but others' as well. Through discussions, books, games, and dramatic play, children will gain knowledge about how families work and how uniquely different they can be. Children are able to expand their understanding of families by learning that even though families look different all over the world, they share many similarities, too. Preschool classrooms can model positive familial dynamics by practicing cooperation, problem-solving, and kindness. In this way, teachers can provide an environment that nurtures the idea that children are valued members of their family and classroom communities.

Letter: Ff. Phonic Words: frog, flower, fish. Basic Concepts: red, circle, kind.

Family Tree
Brother & Sister
Grandma & Grandpa

Week 2 - My Feelings
Feeling can be complex and challenging to manage at any age. As children navigate new experiences and interactions, it is common for them to need help identifying feelings and finding coping strategies. Teachers can help teach children how to identify emotions and guide them through ways to self-regulate and cope appropriately. Through discussions and role-play, children can explore why they are feeling a specific way and imagine how others might feel as well. This is a great starting place for children to learn about empathy. As children discuss their feelings, they are building a strong foundation of emotional development. These important skills will help foster a sense of self-worth and support positive relationship-building throughout the child's life.

Letter: Hh. Phonic Words: horse, hat, hand.


Week 3 - My Pets
Children love learning about animals. The topic of pets can be especially engaging and relatable for children as they may have personal experience with a pet already. Since pets are animals that can typically be seen in a child's own environment, children may have existing knowledge that they are excited to share and expand on. While learning about pets, children can explore the concept of respecting living things and begin to understand what their basic needs are. Just like people, pets need food, water, shelter and love. Teachers can also help children build responsibility by discussing the importance of caring for pets. Through books and imaginary play, children can practice ways to take care of animals they might encounter in their everyday life.

Letter: Tt. Phonic Words: table, tree, turtle.


Week 4 - Friendly Traits
A preschool classroom is a great place to start practicing friendly traits such as cooperation. Social-emotional skills like cooperation are like any other skill: they must be practiced and learned. When practiced early on, children can learn to navigate through a variety of situations in their daily lives. This may include sharing toys with others or following a simple one-step direction. To be able to cooperate, children must develop communication and listening skills. These skills take time to build, but with continual practice children can demonstrate traits such as caring for others and being helpful. Teachers can facilitate social-emotional development by providing opportunities to work together and solve problems during planned activities as well as in-the-moment situations.

Letter Review: Ff, Hh, Tt. Phonic Words Review: frog, flower, fish, horse, hat, hand, table, tree, turtle. Basic Concepts Review: red, circle, kind.


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